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What Can You Do to Help Your Kids Become Digitally Literate

Technology is everyplace. In the present era, even the famous schools in Dehradun like Ecole Globale are considering to use technology in order to educate this students. From smartphones and apps to social media, technology has become a permanent fixture in Childs' lives. However, in the quest to equip them with the latest gadgets and gizmos, are parents and educators extremely showing them the way to use these digital devices effectively and responsibly?

The increasing number of cyberbullying incidents, combined with public shaming, sexting and a range of alternative online perils, suggests that the solution is no. Instead, technology use has occasionally become a free-for-all online. Youngsters roast each other, build inappropriate posts and typically show a scarcity of judgment.

Allow them to experiment with online tools.

The maximum amount as technology might be alarming or confusing for you as a parent; you need to permit your youngsters to experiment with using it, particularly whereas they're under your supervision. Expecting your kids to understand the way to manage social media as a college student is unrealistic if they need ne'er used it before. Consequently, take care, you slowly introduce your youngsters to the various tools available to them online.

Show them the way to use technology responsibly.

Digital etiquette is one in all the foremost necessary skills you'll teach your youngsters. Ensure they do not solely understand your online rules and safety tips; however that they additionally know that they have to consider every and each stroke of the keyboard. As an example, even liking a post where someone is being bullied communicates to the others that your kid condones the treatment and is in agreement with the bully. In general, your youngsters ought to treat others the method they need to be treated. What's more, their posts and pictures should be positive and appropriate.boarding schools in Dehradun make sure that the students do not make any kind of misusage of the gadgets that they have.

Be sure they know their digital rights (and respect the rights of others) online.

Youngsters have a right to feel safe in the digital world. If someone is cyberbullying them or harassing them in how they ought to tell a trusted adult. As a result, equip your youngsters with some general tips on the way to handle cyberbullying ought to experience it.
Likewise, they ought to treat others with respect online. Except for not cyberbullying, a technique they will do this is to respect everyone's right to privacy. As an example, they ought to not share information, photos or videos concerning another person while not their permission. They additionally got to respect the work people share online. This means that downloading music, videos, pictures, papers, books, so on without permission isn't acceptable. It's additionally unacceptable to hack into other people's social media accounts, impersonate others online or send spam.

Teach them the way to keep safe online.

Ne'er permit your youngsters to be online without initial talking concerning online safety. Set some general tips to shield your youngsters from cyberbullying and discuss the ins and outs of social media. It's additionally necessary to follow the age tips of online accounts you would like to establish. There's a reason why youngsters need to be thirteen before they have an Instagram account.

Do not bend the rules.

You're not setting an honest example for your youngsters after you do. Instead, adhere to the established rules then create some of your own.

Improve your digital parenting skills.

Before you can instruct your youngsters on the acceptable use of technology, the web and social media, take a detailed investigate your own behaviours. How much time does one spend online? Does one build rude comments online or share off-colour jokes? Understand properly that your use of technology influences your childs' behaviour. If you would like your youngsters to follow a certain standard, take care you're following that standard as well.


The goal of teaching digital citizenship is to empower youngsters with the talents and also the information they have to navigate the world these days. They did not solely get to understand that they need a responsibility to conduct themselves appropriately online; however, they additionally got to understand; however, they will use technology to learn them and people around them. Technology isn't simply a tool for posting photos and viewing videos; however, will be used to create a presence that helps them get into college or find a job.

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